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Step Up For Students Scholarship Program serves as a key to a myriad of learning opportunities in Florida. In the 2020-21 school year, we impacted the lives of nearly 30,000 students with special needs, offering them a platform to thrive in participating private schools. Our program goes beyond scholarships; it grants parents the flexibility to explore public school alternatives, ensuring tailored solutions for each child's unique needs. Step Up For Students is your partner in forging brighter educational paths. Apply now to unlock a world of possibilities for Florida's students.


DCA Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and availability. This scholarship is available to children in K5 and above. Scholarship applications are available in the academy office and are due no later than May previous to the school year in which you are applying. The application must be turned in on time and all the required documents must be attached to be considered by the Scholarship Committee. An incomplete packet will be returned and denied if not all documentation is included.

The Scholarship Committee of DCA administers the tuition assistance program. Application to the program does not guarantee acceptance or receipt of a scholarship. Funds available for the program are limited and will be awarded each year based on the guidelines stated in the application packet. Receipt of a DCA Scholarship one year does not guarantee receipt subsequent years. New families are not eligible for this scholarship.

Documents must be printed and turned in in a securely sealed envelope.

 *By digitally signing these forms you agree to the terms within them.

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